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39100 Bolzano/Bozen - South Tyrol - Italy

Quality wines

Südtiroler St. Magdalener classico

Growing method: Pergola

Growing area: The vineyards of the winery are located in the best southern positions in the classic wine growing area amidst St. Magdalena near Bozen at 300 m of altitude.

Vines: The wine grapes South Tyrolean Vernatsch (93%) in all varieties and South Tyrolean Lagrein (7%) are grown in mixed cultures.

Wine production: The grapes are carefully harvested and destemmed. Afterwards, the controlled mix fermentation in the steel tank at a temperature of 25 °C occurs. After fermentation, the new wine is stored in oak barrels (15-30 hl) for 8-10 months. After storage the wines is bottled into 0.75 litre bottles with modern cellar techniques, quickly and cleanly. With an output of 100 quintals/hectare we produce about 50.000 bottles of 0.75 litres during a good year.

Properties: Colour: ruby red to garnet red; Taste: light taste of violets and almonds, fruity flower, elegant body, dry and spicy; Shelf life: 5-6 years; Service temperature: 14 - -16 ℃

Recommended for pasta dishes, red meat, South Tyrolean bacon, cheese and every meal.

Südtiroler Lagrein

Growing method: Pergola

Growing area: St. Magdalena near Bozen

Vine: Lagrein, a local South Tyrolean vine

Wine production: The grapes are harvested late (end of October). We need a high content of sugar and good acid values for good quality grapes. After destemming, the grapes are slowly fermented in the steel tank according to the old traditional method. After 15 days the new wine is stored in small and larger (15-30 hl) oak barrels. After two years of storage time, the quality wine can have the addition RISERVA.

Properties: Lagrein is a typical South Tyrolean quality wine. This wine is characterized by the beautiful dark ruby red colour, the scent of violets, and the typical characteristics of the variety. Service temperature: 16-18 °C; Shelf life: 10 years

This wine can compete with many Italian and French quality wines. It is ideal with dark meat, game, feathered game and hard cheese.

Südtiroler Merlot

Growing method: Wired frame

Growing area: St. Magdalena near Bozen

Vine: The MERLOT vines come from France and have been grown in South Tyrol for about 100 years.

Wine production: The grapes are harvested late (end of October). For these quality grapes a high sugar and acid values are required. After careful harvesting, the grapes are destemmed and stored in steel tanks for controlled fermentation. After fermentation (10 days), the new wine is stored in small oak barrels for about 1-2 years before being bottled.

Properties: Colour: dark garnet red with light brick red reflections; Taste: comfortable, full-bodies, lightly bitter, round and typical of the variety; Shelf life: 12 years; Service temperature: 16-18 °C;

Recommended with game, feathered game, spicy cheese and for enjoying.

Our White Wine - Blaterle

Blaterle is a Europe registered wine ®

Wine production: The grapes are destemmed and pressed and as usual for white wine production, the grape juice is fermented in steel tanks. By adding wine yeast, the fermentation process takes 10-15 days. Once all sugars have turned into alcohol, the new wine can be removed and soon filtered. Afterwards, the wine is stored in steel tanks for another 2-3 months in order to preserve the natural freshness.

Properties: The Blaterle is a light, fruity white wine. The comfortable smell of grapes and the balanced acid value make it a very harmonic wine. Colour: bright, light with yellow shimmer. Service temperature: 6-8℃; Shelf life: 2-3 years.

This wine is ideal as an aperitif, with asparagus dishes, salmon, crustaceans and all fish starters.

Südtiroler Cuvèe Mabon

Growing method: Pergola and wired frame

Growing area: St. Magdalena near Bozen

Vines: South Tyrolean Lagrein, South Tyrolean Merlot

Wine production: The grapes are harvested very late with high sugar content, destemmed and fermented in a steel tank at a controlled temperature of 25°C. The new quality wines are stored separately for up to 2 years in small oak barrels (15-30 hl). After two years the wines are mixed together. Our Cuvèe Mabon includes 50 % Lagrein and 50 % Merlot. The Cuvèe wine has to be stored in small oak barrels (225 lt barrique) for another year before being bottled in 0.75 l and 1.5 l bottles.

Properties: The scent reminds of grass, wild wine and black currants, and the wine impresses with a deep noble aroma. Three harmonic wines become a Cuvèe. Colour: garnet to dark garnet red; dry and velvety, full of comfortable tannins and many aromas. Shelf life: 10-15 years; Service temperature for South Tyrolean quality wine: 18-20 °C.

Recommended with grilled or roasted meat, game and spicy cheese. A wine for spirit and soul.
Cuvèe Mabon

Südtiroler Grappa St. Magdalener - Selection Eberlehof

This noble distillate is made from fermented fresh St. Magdalener pomace based on an old tradition with lots of expertise and love by a renowned South Tyrolean distillery with the classic "Bagnomaria" process.

This Grappa St. Magdalener by Eberlehof is crystal clear, with fine, soft grape aromas, tasty and round with a powerful body. This special grappa is not recommended to be served cool.

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